Baghdad For the third time in a week, the United States refused today, Monday to adopt a UN Security Council statement on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians calling for an end to violence and the protection of civilians, especially children.

The draft statement prepared by China, Tunisia and Norway, on Sunday evening, was handed over to the 15 members of the Council for approval on Monday.

The United States said it: It cannot support at the present time a position expressed by the Security Council.

The draft statement states that the Council watches with great concern and denounces the possibility of expelling Palestinian families from occupied East Quds, calling for avoiding “unilateral practices that exacerbate tensions.”

The statement welcomes international efforts to contain the escalation, without mentioning the United States, and stresses the Security Council’s support for a negotiated solution in favor of establishing two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace within recognized and secure borders.

Within seven days, the Security Council held three emergency meetings on the conflict, the last of which was on Sunday without reaching a common position.

Washington, which is the most prominent supporter of Israel, announced, in its interpretation of preventing the issuance of a statement after the last two meetings, that the text would be counterproductive to its mediation efforts in the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency