Foreign Minister hails royal support to Bahraini diplomacy

Manama, Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, has taken pride in the important achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its foreign policy under the lofty directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his royal devotion, keenness and interest to strengthen the Kingdom’s relations with various countries of the world and take care of the interests of its citizens abroad.

He said in this regard that His Majesty the King has dedicated the 14th of January of each year to the celebration of the Bahraini diplomacy, reflecting the great and remarkable interest of His Majesty in the Bahraini diplomatic work and its leaders, which is a source of pride for all diplomats serving at home and abroad.

Dr. Zayani praised the great support received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister and the continuous care and support His Highness offers.

He said the ministry is continuingits effective diplomatic work to serve the interests of the Kingdom and its citizens, in implementation of the lofty directives of His Majesty the King and in implementation of the work program of the esteemed government, headed by His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister.

This, he said, to support the Kingdom’s comprehensive development process for the benefit of citizens, based on the principles and foundations of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s foreign policy, its goals and future tendencies, and on the well-established values of Bahrain society including good neighbourliness, tolerance, peaceful coexistence and cultural exchange with all nations and peoples.

Al Zayani added that the outstanding achievements of Bahrain diplomacy over the past fifty years have contributed to the consolidation of friendship and cooperation relations with many countries of the world and strengthened the Kingdom’s position at regional and international levels.

He stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain is proud that its foreign policy is characterised by wisdom, moderation, equilibrium and flexibility, and based on firm valuesand principles to spread and support peace and values of goodness and love with different nations and peoples within the framework of international charters and laws.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to all diplomats and administrative staff at the ministry headquarters and in diplomatic missions abroad, appreciating the good efforts they exert with all sincerity and dedication to perform the tasks and duties entrusted to them.

He described their continuous work as reflective of the giving of the Bahraini citizen who loves his country and is keen to protect its interests.

He affirmed that the Ministry would remain always keen to achieve the supreme directives of HM the King and meet the goals of the esteemed government, enhancing friendship and cooperation relations of the Kingdom with the countries of the world.

It will also protect the kingdom’s higher interests and consolidate its position and its regional and international role, within the framework of the stipulations of the international charters and laws, he affirmed.

Dr. Zayani stressed that the ministry would seek to consolidate the foundations of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s foreign policy, based on consolidation and protection of human rights, achievement of sustainable development goals, provision of comprehensive protection of the environment, and cementing global peace, security and stability.

Dr. Zayani took pride in the efforts of the Ministry and its professionals for what has been accomplished in the field of human rights and various other achievements, expressing happiness with the efforts of the Higher Coordinating Committee for Human Rights and the efforts made by the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

He affirmed that the protection of human rights and public freedoms will remain a mainstay in the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in implementation of the lofty directives of His Majesty the King, supported by His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister.

He added that the Ministry would continue to perform its national duty towards the honourable citizens, take care of their interests abroad and provide them with various support and assistance.

It would also provide them with the best services and care as well for the residents who hail from brotherly and friendly countries, in appreciation of their constructive role and sincere efforts in the comprehensive development process in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Source: Bahrain news Agency