Foreign Minister participates in Arab League meeting

Cairo, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani participated in the meeting of the Council of the Arab League in its 156th regular session at Arab League in Cairo.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs in Kuwait and President of the current Session, Dr. Shaikh Ahmed Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah

In his speech, Al Zayani focused on multiple political and security challenges and difficult circumstances the Arab world is facing.

“We are required to work on a more effective joint Arab action and need to adopt a joint Arab strategy towards these changes and challenges, taking into account the need to preserve the Arab interests and protect Arab national security,” Dr. Zayani said.

He said that what is happening in Arab countries is sad and painful where there are many refugees and displaced people who live in harsh conditions and in dire need for humanitarian assistance to alleviate their sufferings.

He added that there are no political solutions to end the wars, conflicts and bloodshed amid destruction of cities, villages and infrastructure, threatening the Arab national security and endangering international peace and security in the absence of any tangible attention from the international community.

The minister explained that some countries have been afflicted by the presence of armed militias that receive continuous regional support in violation of the national laws of these countries, threatening the state’s security, stability and vital interests and disrupting their development, growth and prosperity.

“There is also huge military and financial support offered to terrorist organizations in violation of the principles of good neighborliness and international laws and conventions”

He noted that foreign interference in the internal affairs of a number of Arab countries is ongoing, unfortunately coupled with continuous military attacks that violate the sovereignty and independence of states, and great support for extremist terrorist organizations with money and weapons, in clear violation of the principles of good neighborliness and all international laws and covenants.

Touching on water security, Al Zayani said that a number of Arab countries are at great risk, citing Egypt and Sudan which are facing together the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project that is expected to have a negative impact on their share of the Nile River’s water they needed for their progress and prosperity.

Syria and Iraq are facing a significant decrease in their water share in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, and the rest of the tributaries that pass through Iraqi territory, which caused great harm to citizens and hindered development efforts, he said.

Al Zayani warned that terrorism poses a constant threat to the security and stability of Arab states and puts the Arab world in front of a great challenge that requires joint efforts to combat extremism and terrorist organizations. They include Daesh, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Houthis, Al Nusra Front, and other organizations on the international terrorism list that still receive support from regional countries to implement their destructive ambitions and goals.

He said that what happened in Afghanistan is prompting the Arab countries to assume their responsibility to extend a helping hand and offer humanitarian support.

Such assistance would help the Afghan people overcome the difficult conditions, help them achieve peace and stability and ensure the formation of a national government representing all social and ethnic spectrums and groups that abides by international laws and conventions.

“We should also work to ensure that Afghanistan will not become a center for harboring terrorist organizations, which are still active in some countries, such as Daesh, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.”

He said that all these difficult challenges require from the Arab states to take a firm stance to deal with them with wisdom and determination to protect Arab national security, defend its interests and the right of its peoples to a decent life, security, stability and prosperity.

The meeting discussed several matters and took appropriate decisions.


Source: Bahrain News Agency