Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari received a copy of the credentials of Ali Habhab, the new ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon in Baghdad.

“The meeting between Jaafari and Habhab also witnessed a review of the relations between Baghdad and Beirut and ways to develop them in all fields,” a foreign ministry statement said.

“We are ready to open investment opportunities in Iraq, and we hope that Lebanon will take its share of the investment and have a role in the reconstruction,” Jaafari said, referring to the depth of Iraqi-Lebanese relations.

During the meeting, the foreign minister called for the urgent need to start the meetings of the second session of the joint committee. He also called for intensifying security and intelligence cooperation between the two countries to close the way for the return of terrorism.

“The government is seeking to recover stolen Iraqi antiquities in cooperation with many countries, and we hope that our two countries will cooperate in this area,” Jaafari said.

“The Foreign Ministry is ready to provide everything that would facilitate the mission of the Lebanese diplomatic mission in strengthening relations between the two countries,” Jaafari added.

For his part, the new ambassador in Baghdad said: “We will seek to serve the relations between Lebanon and Iraq for the benefit of the two peoples and look forward to further cooperation in various fields.”

He continued: “My work in Baghdad coincides with the victories achieved by Iraq on terrorism, and stand up to the challenges firmly, stressing that the preservation of Iraq’s unity is a shining light for all Arab countries.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency