Foreign Ministry congratulates Iraq on liberation of Mosul

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday congratulated the Iraqi government for the liberation of Mosul from Daech's hands.

"Marking the liberation of Mosul, the Foreign Ministry congratulates Iraq, its command, army, and people, for this great victory. The liberation of Mosul from the clutches of Deach would not have taken place without the unity of the Iraqis, and without the sacrifices that had been made to defend and preserve Iraq's unity and sovereignty," the statement said.

According to the statement, the ministry stressed the need to intensify regional and international efforts to increase joint coordination with the aim of prohibiting the infiltration of terrorism to other places in the region. It also stressed the need to put an end to the intellectual extension of the phenomenon of terrorism, especially in the process of the final eradication of terrorism.

The statement also highlighted the importance of the return of displaced Iraqis to their cities.

"Their [the displaced] return will preserve the demographic diversity that constitutes the wealth for Iraq," the statement said.

Source: National News Agency