Four ISIS terrorist members, including a woman, arrested in eastern Mosul

Military Intelligence arrested four ISIS terrorist members on the left side of Mosul.

The Military Intelligence media stated in a statement: ‘Two qualitative operations based on accurate intelligence information by the Sixteenth Division Division, in cooperation with the heroes of the Reconnaissance Battalion, and through two tight ambushes set up by the heroes of Military Intelligence on two terrorist nests in Al-Baath neighborhood and Al-Maliya neighborhood on the left side of the city of Mosul.’ (4) members of ISIS gangs were arrested, including a woman, who are wanted by the Iraqi judiciary in accordance with the provisions of Article (4/Terrorism).’

It added: “The terrorists were working with the terrorist called the official of the organization’s Islamic police (Abu Sakr), who was arrested a short time ago, by the heroes of military intelligence after luring him from outside Iraq, and they were carrying unofficial documents under pseudonyms to move around in various regions, and they have been handed
over to the relevant authorities.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency