France condemns the increasing attacks in Baghdad, especially those targeting the bases of the International Coalition

France condemned today, Thursday, “in the strongest terms” the increasing attacks in Baghdad, especially those targeting the international coalition forces and destabilizing acts.

“The multiplication of attacks against diplomatic sites and bases of the international coalition against ISIS is unacceptable,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“In the face of these destabilizing acts that undermine the security of all Iraqis, France recalls its adherence to the sovereignty of Iraq and the stability of the Kurdistan region,” It added.

Three missiles targeted the US Embassy in Iraq in the early hours of Thursday morning, after a day that witnessed one of the largest operations carried out in recent months against American interests in the country and an attempted drone attack in neighboring Syria, and 14 missiles targeted the Iraqi air base of Ain al-Assad in Anbar, in the west of the country where American soldiers are deployed.

Ain al-Assad was also targeted on Monday by three missiles, and a few hours later, the US Embassy was threatened by a drone that was shot down by a missile and missile interception system.

On Tuesday evening, a drone attack targeted Erbil Airport in the Kurdistan region, which also includes a base for the international coalition.




Source: National Iraqi News Agency