France Confirms Its Readiness To Contribute To Find A Solution To The Crisis Between Baghdad And Arbil

BAGHDAD – France confirmed its readiness to contribute to easing tensions between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and finding a comprehensive political solution to the crisis.

“Paris is in close contact with both the authorities in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government,” the French foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday, calling on the regional government to enter into a constitutional dialogue with Baghdad.

The statement added, “We have worked to ensure that the UN Security Council adopts a declaration reaffirming the need for early resumption of dialogue to resolve the crisis and preserve Iraq’s unity and integrity.”

It is mentioned that Prime Minister Haider Abadi said in a news conference last Tuesday that “The referendum of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which was conducted last month, ended and became from the past,” calling for “dialogue with the Kurdish leadership under the roof of the Constitution.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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