Frence: The Battle Against Daesh Ongoing In Iraq, There Is No Room For Any Calm

BAGHDAD / French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian said "The battle against Daesh ongoing in Iraq, there is no room for any calm."

He said in a speech to a number of pilots returning from combat missions in Iraq, "Daesh is our enemy, and Daesh is the one who hit us on our land again in 2016, and it must continue the fight to eradicate it as part of the coalition to which we belong."

Odrian added " The battle in Mosul is going in accordance with plan that have been set, we have said it may take a few months and we are still within the deadline."

He continued "It's a tough battle and we know that."

It is mentioned that about 500 troops from French army are involved in Iraq, supporting Iraqi forces by four guns of the type Kaisar, south of Mosul, and also providing training and advice to Iraqi troops and Peshmerga forces without directly participating in the fighting.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency