GAC MOTOR’s GS5 and GN6 to be launched in Saudi Arabia, Expanding Its Presence in the Middle East

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GAC MOTOR is set to launch its two highly anticipanted models, the GS5 and the GN6, in Saudi Arabia on June 25th. The GS5, a luxury SUV, has attracted much attention for its smooth handling and superior power. As a versatile MPV, GN6’s large and flexible interior has been shown to meet the diverse travel needs of many families.

The GS5 is highly praised by drivers for its outstanding appearance and performance. The model is sold in markets across Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa. The latest GS5 comes equipped with the third generation 270T engine and the latest generation Aisin 6-speed manual-automatic gearbox, bringing the handling and power to a higher level. As a luxury SUV, the GS5 adapts well to all kinds of terrain while the vehicle’s seven driving modes allow for maneuvering in every type of driving environment, from city to desert, over mountains terrain and across snow-laden landscapes, without compromising the driving experience. The car also comes installed with Denso dual-temperature automatic air conditioning, allowing for the maintennace of a comfortable enviroment within the vehicle even when outdoor temperature is abnormally high.


The family-friendly GN6 breaks away from the bulky, single shape design of the traditional MPV, adopting a stylish and dynamic appearance which adds a youthful and sporty atmosphere. As a family vehicle, when it comes to the user of the interior space, the GN6 offers flexibility that caters for the different needs of each family member no matter whether it is in a weekend outing or a shopping trip.

GAC MOTOR continues its commiment to the Middle East market, bringing more models with localized features to consumers of the region. With the introduction of the GS5 and GN6, GAC MOTOR will have a wider product range for sale in Saudi Arabia.

GAC MOTOR is an independent company under the GAC Group, which is known for its highly integrated supply chain networks. The Group was ranked 189 among the Fortune Global 500 enterprises in 2019. Its joint venture brands collectively produce vehicles for many reowned brands and enjoy a high market share in the global automobile market.

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