General Company for Ports Discusses With A Japanese Delegation A Mechanism For Transporting Heavy Equipment Through The Northern Port Of Umm Qasr

Basra The General Company for Ports of Iraq discussed with a Japanese delegation the mechanism of handling and clearing goods and transporting heavy equipment to the Ministry of Oil through Umm Qasr Port.

The Director General of the Ports Company, Farhan Muhaisin Al-Fartousi, said, according to a company statement: “The North Umm Qasr Port received a delegation from the Japanese JGC Company to see the work of the berths and the mechanism for clearing the goods and the possibility of berths in the port that receive ships transporting heavy equipment, the handling mechanism and the period specified for unloading the goods.” .

The Director General explained: “The JGC delegation intends to transport heavy equipment for the Ministry of Oil through the northern port of Umm Qasr,” noting: “The delegation will visit the port in the coming days to complete the procedure for transporting heavy equipment.”

The delegation met the assistant port director, Miqdad Nouri, and he promised to facilitate the procedures for transferring the equipment in a timely manner to reach the Ministry of Oil.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency