Germany Launches Program To Help Immigrants To Return To Their Home Countries

BAGHDAD / German Development Minister, Gerd Mueller said his country will launch a program to re-asylum seekers, who have no right to stay in Germany to their home countries, by helping them to "initiate a new beginning" in their countries.

Mueller said in a press statement: Germany will launch a program of assistance worth / 150 / million Euros over the next three years, and we will give 50 million Euros per year for this return program. "

This program will include, especially measures to help the Iraqis, Afghans and Balkan countries, who want, for different reasons, to return to their home countries, or their requests for asylum cannot be accepted, according to an explanatory document for the program.

The minister pointed out that "Germany's role would be in helping them to embark on a new beginning in their home countries, adding that we can offer them education, training and employment assistance" ./ end

Source: National Iraqi News Agency