Gunmen Assassinate An Officer Of Peshmerga In Kirkuk

KIRKUK - A security source confirmed that unknown gunmen assassinated an officer of the Peshmerga forces in downtown Kirkuk.

Gunmen opened fire on the lieutenant, Muzaffar Hama Taher Shafiq, on Baghdad Road area near Shukriji Sweets, killing him on the spot, the source said.

In a related context, security forces (Asayish) of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Kirkuk, arrested one of the wanted men in Daqouq district, south of the province.

"After collecting accurate information and continuous follow-up, as well as raids and searches, our forces in Lilan area managed to arrest the" wanted terrorist "from Atashana village, ", Pointing out that "he was wanted by the Court of Inquiry Kirkuk under Article IV terrorism.

He added that the terrorist was one of Daesh militants and participated with the organization in a number of battles and then infiltrated into Lilian area using a false identity to work with the sleeping cells and provide a terrorist with information.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency