Haitham al-Jubouri to NINA: Iraq needs 10 billion dollars to rebuild the provinces destroyed by terrorism

BAGHDAD / Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP for the province of Babylon Haitham Al-Jubouri stressed that Iraq needs at least 10 billion dollars for the reconstruction of areas whose infrastructure has been destroyed because of the fighting against Daesh and their liberation from its gangs, in addition to sums to restore life to its economic reality and revive its business.

" Al-Jubouri told NINA that the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salah al-din, in addition to several areas in Baghdad, Diyala and Jurf al-Sakhr area in Babel require a campaign to restore infrastructure works from water networks, sewerage systems, electricity, schools, bridges, hospitals and other roads," adding that the campaign should be well thought out and planned in a correct manner and under the direct supervision of the Reconstruction Fund of the areas, which has been liberated from terrorism in order to avoid delaying and exploiting them in deals that may be plagued by financial and administrative corruption.

He added that this amount is hoped to be obtained from the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union and the Islamic Bank and other organizations are interested in helping Iraq to rebuild its areas and re-revive the economic reality and the livelihood of the population in these areas, who suffered many calamities of displacement or stay under the rule of Daesh gangs.

He added that the federal government must immediately begin to submit its economic plans and programs to these areas and to ask support of the people with expertise and competence for this purpose.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency