Hakim Announces Iraq’s Readiness To Bring Views Closer Between Riyadh And Tehran

BAGHDAD – The leader of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim announced the Iraqi government’s readiness to bring the views between Riyadh and Tehran closer.

In an interview with Iran Broadcasting and Television News Agency, he called on Saudi Arabia to “sit at the table of direct dialogue with Iran to end the problems and differences between the two countries.”

“The Iraqi government is ready to bring the views closer and play a positive role between Tehran and Riyadh,” he added.

“The restoration of confidence among the countries of the region will ease fears and pressure in Iraq,” al-Hakim said, praising the efforts of all neighboring countries to crush the extremist Daesh organization.

He reiterated his call for “a joint meeting involving Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Iraq to settle the problems of the region through direct dialogue,” pointing out that “Saudi Arabia and Iran have influence in the region.”

“It is better to call on our brothers in Saudi Arabia to sit at the table of direct dialogue with the Iranians,” Hakim said.

He added, “The Iranians informed us of their readiness to start direct talks with the Saudis, and we welcomed the initiative of the Emir of Kuwait and the messages he carried out months ago in this regard.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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