Hakim Renews Call For An Iraqi-Saudi-Iranian-Turkish-Egyptian Dialogue To Restore Stability To The Region

BAGHDAD � The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim renewed the call for an Iraqi-Saudi-Iranian-Turkish-Egyptian dialogue to restore the region's stability.

Hakim said in the sermon of Eid al-Fitr "The national reconciliation starts with the victory and we want it in accordance with the principle of guarantees, assurances and mutual concessions" added that "The Kurds are part of the spirit of the homeland and Iraq will remain a great nation with its people, its religions and its sects, and the unity of Iraq remains in our eyes and as we understand the ambitions, we believe in one nation and divisions will produce stable entities in a turbulent world."

He called for "pay attention to the intelligence side and the Ministry of the Interior to take its responsibility in coordination with the rest of the parties and end the phenomenon of militarization the society and the military headquarters must be removed outside the cities," thanki9ng God for "the blessing of victory, which we achieved by blood of Iraqis, which stressed that we can overcome all the challenges and cross the challenges and trenches of pain and refraction to the point of victory, dignity and honor. "

Al-Hakim stressed the need to "clone the experience of the popular mobilization by building a service mobilization, a healthy mobilization, a human mobilization and a cultural mobilization." He stressed that "Baghdad needs service programs as a gateway to Iraq and its capital."

He also called on "all governors and ministries to launch joint services programs for the provinces and to support the local product in the light and medium industries." He added that "the file of the governor of Basra before the Integrity Commission and we will defend him if proven innocent and no one above the law and no political cover for anyone found guilty."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency