Hakim, The French Ambassador Discuss Bilateral Relations And Ways To Strengthen Them

BAGHDAD - The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim discussed with French Ambassador in Iraq Mark Barretti bilateral relations between Paris and Baghdad and ways to strengthen them at the political, economic and development levels.

"The Iraqi government is close to declaring military victory over Daesh, and the military treatment is important, but it is enough if it is not accompanied by security, political, economic, social and developmental processes," a statement quoted Hakim as saying.

He stressed the importance of taking advantage of the mistakes of treatment with former terrorist groups, where focusing on the military effort, "urging the international community" to invest time to eliminate terrorism in Iraq as it took the cities of Iraq as a platform for its alleged state. Adding that without eradicating terrorism in Iraq, the world and Europe will suffer from terrorism with unexpected means as they have done in more than one place. "

Al-Hakim blessed France's success in the presidential elections and the arrival of President Macaron to the Elysee Palace, stressing that "the draft of the national reconciliation project was born from the depth of the challenges of the present and looking forward to the challenges of the future and it needs the support of all."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency