The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim said that the ties that unite us with Saudi Arabia make our relations solid, advanced and deep-rooted.

Al-Hakim said during his meeting with the Saudi media delegation in the presence of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate chairman, the chairman of the Federation of Arab Journalists, Muayyad al-Lami and the Saudi ambassador in Baghdad, Abdul Aziz al-Shammari: "Arabism, Islam and neighborliness and common history are solid foundations linking us with Saudi Arabia in a way that makes our relations advanced, solid and deep-rooted.

Al-Hakim added: "What happened in the past years of misunderstanding is incidental and has gone unaltered. Today, we must deepen confidence to return the relations to the previous era with a greater and deeper depth, noting that the media in the two brotherly countries, seeks to crystallize this relationship in the interest of our two countries and peoples.

Hakim stressed that the return of fraternal relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia would be the gateway to Iraq's return to its Arab environment with its usual weight and its cultural heritage, history, capabilities and potentials that would enhance the weight of the Arab presence.

The head of the National Alliance said that the upcoming elections will be pivotal and important through its results and will lead to exit Iraq from the bottleneck by the prevailing democratic situation, although the results of these elections cannot be predicted, as all the political blocs exercise a democratic way and the people is to determine the form of the next government in light of the results of ballot boxes .

"We are facing a new stage and a major challenge is the building of the state, combating corruption, encircling bureaucracy, opening up the world, reviving the economy and addressing the internal problems in various sectors, which is the right way to build the country and achieve its security and stability," Hakim said.

On the referendum held by the Kurdistan region during September of the last year, Hakim said the situation would have been a disaster for all the countries of the region and the fragmentation of the countries of the region would be general situation, but the countries of the region and the world in general, stood firmly against this danger because they understood the dangers of its consequences, and Iraq dealt with the rule of constitution and wisdom.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency