Hakim Warns From The Repercussions Of The Security Situation After The End Of Daesh

Hilla / Chairman of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim warned of the repercussions of the security situation in all governorates of Iraq after the end of the Daesh.

Hakim said at a news conference attended by the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The alliance puts the plans, since now for the post-Daesh, and the process and transforming the alliance into constructive political institution."

He explained that his meeting today with the local government in Babylon, and his meeting with a number of MPs, is the first move of the Alliance in all governorates of Iraq for the purpose of tour and to identify the channels through which to communicate with the local governments," adding: "There is a great understandings have achieved today between local government in Babylon and the Alliance to get the governorate out of its current reality and the service. "

For his part, MP for the state of law, Mansour Baaji pointed that there are divisions within the National Alliance because of some political positions, may pose a threat to the cohesion of the alliance in the future," saying: "there are talks and dialogues to resolve these differences to eliminate any possible split ".

The National Alliance, held a meeting today headed by Ammar al-Hakim in Babylon province .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency