Hamoudi: The achievement of a just state can only be achieved through a strong parliament and active MPs

BAGHDAD- The Head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Hummam Hamoudi, said that the achievement of a just state can only be achieved by a strong parliament and powerful and loyal national MPs.

"The Supreme Council is proud that it was the first to raise the banner of freedom of Iraq and challenged the tyrant and then stop against the project of occupation," Hamoudi warned during his meeting with candidates for the Supreme Council for the upcoming elections, stressing that his next project after the achievement of freedom and independence is a fair and capable state.

He urged the candidates of the Supreme Council to compete in the service of citizens and help the needy and support the oppressed and avoid the impossible promises, noting that "the Iraqi people have got bored of promises and slogans, and wants clarity and credibility in the candidates and people touch his concerns and ease his suffering," praising the awareness of the Iraqi voter and the development of the democratic experiment through its experiences.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency