Hassan Nadhem: The government is with the completion of the next year’s budget as soon as possible expanded

Baghdad The Spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhem, confirmed that the government is with the completion of next year’s budget as soon as possible.

In response to a question by the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) about approving the next year’s budget, he said the Ministry of Finance is in continuous meetings on the budget in order to complete it as soon as possible.”

Nadhem added: “So far, the ministries have not been invited to discuss next year’s budget.”

He announced that the Council of Ministers voted in principle on the draft law on military service and referred it to Parliament.

Nadhem explained that the law contains many details, especially financial related to the payment of the allowance and the family’s sole and others.”

He pointed out that: The political forces announced their support for the government in the issue of arms control, which the government is seeking with its policy around it.

Nadhem explained that Iraq’s foreign relations are constantly evolving, especially with Kuwait, which has been agreed upon on projects in all sectors that enhance relations between the two brotherly countries.

He stressed that the electrical connection process continues with steps, not only with the Gulf states, but with Turkey, Jordan and Iran…noting that the government is constantly supporting this sector. He announced the Cabinet’s support for the ministry’s plan to produce solar energy through foreign companies.

Nadhim quoted the Deputy Minister of Health, Hani Al-Aqabi, as confirming in the council’s session that Iraq is at the end of the third wave and vaccinations are on the rise, noting the opening of vaccination outlets within ministries and institutions, in addition to the existence of a special plan for the fortieth visit to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

He added that the Council of Ministers adopted the Generations Fund project, and Al-Kadhimi asked all ministries to study the project to ensure an economic guarantee for future generations.

Nadhem stated that the council discussed the government’s serious steps in the diplomatic field and economic reform through the reform white paper, which was praised by international bodies, in addition to overcoming bureaucratic procedures in the process of completing projects.

He stressed that the government has taken bold steps to combat corruption and support the Electoral Commission by holding the next elections on the tenth of next October.

The Council, according to Nadhem, urged everyone to participate in the elections, and the media, political and civil society organizations should launch a broad campaign to urge wide participation in the elections.

The Council decided, according to Nadhem, to increase the capital of the Industrial Bank to 250 billion dinars and authorize the General Tax Authority to sign the double taxation agreement with Ukraine.

Al-Kadhimi extended his thanks, according to Nadhem, to everyone who contributed to the success of the Baghdad Summit for Cooperation and Partnership to restore Iraq’s regional and international role in a manner worthy of its place and its people.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency