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Head of the Change Movement Bloc: There Is No Point In Early Elections That Produce The Same Political Equation

Baghdad The head of the Change Movement Bloc in the House of Representatives, Yusuf Muhammad, said it is no point in holding early elections if it produced the same political equation that currently exists, expressing his fear that about one million forged electronic cards may be used during the upcoming elections.

Muhammad said in a press statement: “The bloc had previously submitted a proposal to amend the election law,” noting that “the law guaranteed the integrity of the electoral process by adopting the biometric card exclusively for the vote of voters, because there are doubts that there are more than a million electronic cards that were used in the previous elections, and will be reused in early elections, and this undermines the guarantee of the integrity of the process.”

He stressed the necessity of adopting an eye print to identify the voters via the biometric card as a precautionary measure by the commission to prevent any tampering or sale of the cards to other people.

He added: “The law proposal emphasized the need to adopt manual counting in addition to the process of accelerating election results electronically, in order to be greater transparency in the process of counting and sorting the votes of voters.” Pointing out that “there are indications of tampering with the election results through electronic counting and sorting during the previous elections.

The head of the Change Movement Bloc asserted that: “We cannot wait for fair elections without combating corruption, controlling corrupt political money and confining weapons in the hands of the state,” explaining that “remaining the same will reproduce the same political equation currently on the scene, so there is no point in holding early elections, its output is similar to the previous process.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency