Head of the Integrity Commission: Electronic Governance Will Eliminate Bribery And Extortion In State Departments

Baghdad The head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Alaa Jawad Al-Saadi, stressed the need to activate electronic governance and the automation system in state institutions to eliminate any dealing by bribery between the citizen and the employee.

Al-Saadi said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the Commission’s law prevents access to executive work, so there are no direct measures by the Commission to deter extortion and bribery of employees in service departments related to citizens’ transactions,” noting that “the Commission receives all news and reports related to the abuse of public money and then proceeds to investigate and investigate it.”

He added: “The questionnaire represents an important aspect of our oversight work, as we have reconnaissance teams for citizens’ opinions and observations about service departments exclusively, to show the extent to which that service institution does its work without violations,” noting that: Ministries to make adjustments to the structure of that institution, as happened with the Ministry of Finance in the Tax Authority.”

He continued, “The Integrity Commission has carried out many seizures in cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council, related to cases of bribery and extortion.”

On the report of the Integrity Commission, Al-Saadi announced that “the commission’s semi-annual report will be announced within days, and it will include a wide range of seizures for those convicted of inflating their money.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency