Health Ministry: The epidemiological situation has become dangerous and the number of infections is increasing rapidly



– The Ministry of Health and Environment confirmed that the epidemiological situation has become dangerous, and the number of infections is increasing rapidly.

The Ministry also confirmed in a statement and through reports of public health experts that the epidemiological situation has become dangerous and the number of infections is rapidly escalating in this wave that we previously announced in our data that it may be more severe than the waves that preceded it, and today we recorded the highest number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic, and this is a result Citizens of all segments are not paying attention to the preventive measures, which have become almost non-existent, especially the wearing of masks and physical distancing.

It indicated that its heroic staff continued to provide the required care for Corona patients sleeping in isolation centers and lobbies, while providing all necessary medicines and supplies, which helped reduce the number of deaths despite the increase in infections to unprecedented levels.

It called on the citizens to take the matter very seriously and to return to full commitment to the preventive measures. We also urge them to immediately go to the vaccination centers separated in the country to receive the vaccine, because there is no way for us to break the chain of transmission and control of the disease other than the vaccine. The preventive measures are gradually opening up as a result of the decrease in infections and deaths and the control of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health also called on all ministries, governmental and private state institutions, and all organizations to take all preventive measures within their institutions and urged employees to receive vaccinations.

The Ministry called on all media channels, bloggers on social media, religious and clan leaders, and civil society organizations to make more efforts to raise health awareness and urge citizens to adhere to preventive measures and receive the vaccine as soon as possible




Source: National Iraqi News Agency