Health Ministry: The high rate of children infected with corona virus and no recommendation to vaccinate them

Baghdad The Ministry of Health confirmed, today, Thursday, the high rate of infection with the Corona virus among children, while indicating that there is no recommendation to vaccinate them.

The Director-General of the Public Health Department, Riad Abdel Amir, told the official News Agency that, “according to the current figures, there has been a slight increase in the percentage of children infected with corona, from 6 to 7% of the total infected with the pandemic.”

Regarding the possibility of vaccinating children to prevent the virus, he indicated that “there is no recommendation from the World Health Organization to vaccinate children, although some countries have adopted vaccination, such as America and Britain only.”

Today, the Ministry of Health recorded 11,871 new infections with the Corona virus, and since the twenty-sixth of last July, Iraq has recorded an infection rate of at least 10,000 per day.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency