Higher Committee of Fact-Finding Hears Testimonies Of 37 Families Of The Victims Of October Protests In Basra

Baghdad The Higher Committee for Fact-Finding announced that it had heard the testimonies of 37 families of victims of October protests in Basra.

The spokesman for the committee, Muhammad Hadi, said in a statement, “The Supreme Committee for Fact-Finding in the Prime Minister’s Office, which is formed by Diwani Order (293) for the year 2020, with great interest by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and under the supervision of the Fact-Finding Committee’s advisor, continues to host the families of the victims from the provinces who were killed during the October 2019 demonstrations and the assassinations that followed.

He added, “A group of families of the victims of Basra Governorate was hosted and their testimonies were heard by the judges from the members of the committee, after their lawsuits were brought from the competent courts, and they reviewed the investigative papers, forensic papers, revealing evidence, forensic medicine reports and other documents,” noting that The statements of the witnesses at the scene of the accident were recorded and the testimonies of a number of the accused were reviewed for the purpose of coming up with recommendations to ensure justice for the families of the victims and their compensation on the one hand, and to establish a just punishment for the perpetrators of those crimes on the other hand, in order to ensure the application of justice, human rights standards, norms and international covenants, and not to repeat this breaches in the future.

He added, “Most of the families of the victims spoke about the humanitarian and professional role of the committee’s officials, noting that their hosting is a glimmer of hope for the implementation of justice, and for building a future for future generations away from murder, torture and human rights violations in a safe homeland.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency