Hiti: The Battle For Construction In Iraq Needs A Three-Point Strategy With The Help Of The Int’l Community

The head of the reconstruction fund for the affected areas in Iraq, Mustapha al-Hiti said the battle for building in Iraq needs a three-point strategy with the help of the international community.

He said in his speech at the Conference of the activities of the Kuwait conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, "Daesh destroyed more than 138 thousand housing units in the provinces it had controlled before they were liberated by the Iraqi armed forces, pointing out that 2.5 million displaced people are waiting to return home after the destruction of infrastructure in full in most liberated areas. "

"The battle for building in Iraq needs a three-point strategy, first of which is the human dimension of restoring life to the affected areas and achieving justice and equality in those areas, and there is also the economic dimension and the reconstruction of the provinces that lost their lives, and the last dimension of the physical reconstruction of the affected areas " he said.

He pointed out that it was agreed between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti funds to form a database to identify the affected areas, and to begin practical steps after the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq.

He explained that "Iraq needs to rebuild infrastructure, especially schools and universities, to bring students back to school and to restore basic services such as water and electricity in the affected areas, so we hope the international community will provide support for the reconstruction of Iraq,"

Source: National Iraqi News Agency