Hollande-France will continue military and humanitarian aid to the restoration of Mosul

BAGHDAD / / French President Francois Hollande confirmed that his country would continue military and humanitarian aid to cope with Daesh in Mosul and help the country to return the displaced people to their homes.

He said in a statement, after a meeting with the Archbishop of Mosul and Qaraqush Syriac Catholic Bishop John Peter Feist at the Elysee Palace, that "France will continue to provide assistance and the mobilization of reserve forces in several areas of Iraq."

He explained that what France is seeking in Iraq is to restore the government forces and military control of the city of Mosul from Daesh and provide humanitarian protection to the civilian population, as well as the political willingness and provide the necessary equipment for the return of displaced people to their homes."

He stressed "the importance of the return of the Christian population to their homes in full security and to continue to contribute to the humanitarian, work as well as cultural and spiritual diversity in the Middle East," blessing at the same time the liberation of Qaraqush town near Mosul from Daesh recently ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency