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Hoshyar Zebari Confirms His Respect For The Federal Court’s Decision

Baghdad The candidate for the post of President of the Republic, Hoshyar Zebari, confirmed today, Sunday, his respect for the Federal Court’s decision to stop the procedures for his candidacy for the position.

Zebari said in a post on his official Facebook page: “We respect the decision of the Federal Court to temporarily suspend our candidacy until the lawsuit filed by some clinging, days before the reform is resolved,” as he put it.

He added, “We trust that the judiciary will confirm what state institutions have previously confirmed that we have fulfilled the conditions for candidacy, and that what is rumored is nothing more than groaning in order to further cling to power.”

Today, Sunday, the Federal Court decided to temporarily suspend the procedures for candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari for the presidency.

The court’s decision stated, “It decided to suspend the procedures for candidacy of (Hoshyar Mahmoud Muhammad Zebari) for the post of President of the Republic temporarily until the case is resolved.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency