Baquba The Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Diyala confirmed that harsh labor, social problems and lack of rights affect large segments of the province’s children.

The Director of the office, Salah al-Majami, told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that Diyala children suffer from school dropouts, family disintegration, and the practice of some dangerous jobs as a result of the absence of laws that protect children.

He added that the most prominent problems affecting Diyala’s childhood are divorce cases and the deterioration of the economic and living conditions that prompted children to resort to harsh labor and work in workshops and works that are not appropriate for their age. He called for developing a strategy to protect children in Iraq and provide the requirements for a decent life, and implement programs and plans to save children in Diyala by improving the living conditions of families to prevent children from dropping out of school, in addition to immunizing children from social networking sites that incite dissolution and disintegration, and confronting poisonous cultures that threaten societies.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency