Hussein Al-Aqabi: Political forces have hidden intentions… and international supervision of the elections undermines sovereignty

Baghdad Member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Representative Hussein Al-Aqabi, confirmed: “There are hidden intentions among some political forces, and influence over many electoral centers.”

In a televised statement, Al- Aqabi, a representative of the National Nahj bloc, said: “There are major violations in the electoral centers in remote areas, due to the power and influence of these forces that have organized groups for this matter.”

He added, “There is an imbalance in the political forces due to the struggle for power, and a great shortcoming of these forces in preparing a well-rounded and discreet electoral law.”

On the international observation of the elections, he stated: “Observation is a natural process and exists in various countries of the world, but the supervision of the elections is rejected because it violates the sovereignty of the Iraqi state.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency