In a qualitative operation, the Popular Mobilization Forces arrested the official of an “ISIS” detachment and a detachment carrier in two separate operations in Tarmiyah

Baghdad The Directorate of Security and Discipline in the Popular Mobilization Authority arrested, on Thursday, two terrorists in the Tarmiyah district, north of the capital, Baghdad.

A statement by the Directorate stated that a qualitative and successful operation carried out by a force from the Directorate in cooperation with the intelligence and security of the Baghdad Operations Command and the security forces holding in Tarmiyah district (Sixth Division / 22nd Brigade of the Iraqi Army), resulted in the arrest of two terrorist elements separately after obtaining legal approvals and issuing warrants by the competent judge in accordance with Article 4/1 of the Anti-Terrorism Law, and one of the terrorists belongs to the so-called “Iraq State” of the terrorist organization ISIS (a district north of Baghdad) and works as a military detachment official in the terrorist organization, while the other terrorist acts as a carrier of terrorist detachments in the so-called north of Baghdad sector.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency