In implementation of the Prime Minister’s directive, a private plane transports the wounded from the Al-Sadr City bombing outside Iraq for treatment

In implementation of what was stated in the Prime Minister’s directive, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to provide medical care to the wounded in the terrorist bombing that recently hit the Al-Wahilat market in Sadr City, a group of critical cases left Baghdad today – on a private plane belonging to the Iraqi Airlines – for treatment. In a hospital in Istanbul .

The number of cases that left Baghdad airport reached (14) cases with various critical injuries, with their companions, in addition to (4) medical and health staff in the Ministry of Health .

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers took upon itself the responsibility of coordinating with the Ministries of Health, Interior, Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority; To prepare for the trip, it included the immediate issuance of travel documents, the preparation of the private plane, with logistical facilities, as the Ministry of Health supervised coordination with a Turkish hospital; To prepare ambulance wheels to transport the injured to the airport, and accompany them during the flight to supervise treatment