In its 18th conference, the Dawa Party affirms caution and vigilance against ISIS terrorist activity in several governorates

Baghdad The Islamic Dawa Party held its eighteenth conference today.

In the final statement, the conference unanimously renewed confidence in Nouri al-Maliki as Secretary-General of the party, and elected the Advocacy Shura Council by direct secret ballot, and entrusted, according to the internal system, the election of leadership to the first Shura meeting.

The conferees emphasized the caution and vigilance against the terrorist activity of ISIS in several provinces, which started a new chapter of the security threat by exposing the innocent population to killing, which imposes a double responsibility on the government and its agencies in order to root out this criminal organization and end its existence firmly and forcefully.

The conferees praised the victory achieved by the “State of Law” list in the recent parliamentary elections, and the great responsibilities it imposes on more than one level on the winning representatives, whether towards the voters and serving their regions, fulfilling the promises given to them, or the serious pursuit of reform and urgent change in state facilities.

The conferees affirmed their loyalty to the supreme religious authority represented by Ali al-Sistani, as it is the legitimate leadership of the nation, and it is obligatory to obey and work with its valuable directives to protect the interests of all Iraqis and achieve justice and harmony among them.

The conferees expressed their desperate defense and adherence to the pluralistic, democratic, political system, which provides freedoms of all kinds and for all Iraqis without exception, and in an unprecedented manner. This new regime emerged after generous sacrifices, a bitter and fierce struggle with a mighty tyrant, as it embodies the will of the Iraqi citizens with all their honorable components, and protecting it is a national duty, and compromising it is a neglect of the supreme interest of Iraq, a betrayal of the pure blood and a waste of the legacy of the martyrs.

The conferees stressed the importance of absorbing the true and legitimate demands of the youth segment through practical projects and plans, and that this be a priority on the agenda of the next government, in a way that kindles a candle of hope in their souls, reassures them of their future, and builds a stable family life for them.

The conferees called upon the Islamic forces, parties and currents to work together in order to protect the political process and its outputs, and its integrity on the bases on which it was based, maintaining balance in the political arena, and supporting stability in it, away from singling out and monopolizing the political decision, which is a strange case for the pluralistic reality in the arena of the component. The largest, and that political and security stability in the country requires cooperation and solidarity among all the nation’s partners in bearing the responsibility of building a capable state that serves the people, within the framework of a broad representative government that accommodates all those wishing to participate in it, and those who support its program of change and reform, combating corruption, controlling uncontrolled weapons, and providing the best basic services to Iraqis addressing unemployment, inflation and the exchange rate of the national currency, giving serious attention to the poor classes, approving the Social Security Law and creating a ministry for this purpose.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency