In Response To Diyala’s Crime .. Al-Fayyad: Iraq Is Able To Erase The Remaining Of ISIS

Baghdad The head of the Popular Mobilization, Faleh Al-Fayyad, confirmed that Iraq is capable of erasing the remaining of the terrorist ISIS.

Al-Fayyad said in a statement: “The battle of the Iraqi army and the popular mobilization is one, and we call upon our brothers in the armed forces and we urge them to intensify efforts to pursue the remnants of terrorists, and those who are tempted to harm the security and blood of Iraqis, and we put the full capabilities of the popular mobilization to serve this common goal.”

He added: “Just as our battle was one before and we were able to defeat terrorism militarily, we are able, God willing, to wipe out those who remain of them and rid Iraq once and for all of this criminal organization.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency