Interior Minister from Diyala: The security man should distance himself from political despites and to be an example in applying the law


Baghdad, The Minister of Interior, Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, stressed: “The importance of integrity being a title for the security man, and for him to distance himself from all political debates and parties.”

Al-Shammari stressed, during a meeting with the Diyala police chief and department directors in the command and all the ministry’s affiliates, the importance of ensuring the comfort of citizens by providing them with the best services and at various levels, as well as breaking the routine in the process of their transactions.

He pointed out the need to provide support to the families of the martyrs, their relatives, and the wounded, in appreciation of the great sacrifices they made in order to defend Iraq.

The Minister of Interior praised the Diyala police leadership and its efforts in imposing the rule of law and the prestige of the state, and its sacrifices in cutting off the roots of terrorism and preserving the historical and cultural heritage by preventing smuggling operations.

While honoring a group of distinguished people in the Diyala police command, the minister stressed the importance of the security man being an active element in society and taking the initiative to implement the law in order to be an incentive for others to implement directives and recommendations and set an example in legal and ethical dealings.

The Minister of Interior arrived in Diyala province today at the head of a high-level delegation. He was received by the governor, Muthanna al-Tamimi, and a number of officials, commanders and officers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency