Interpol’s Director In Iraq Reveals Why Al-Baghdadi’s Name Is Not Included In The Wanted List Of The Iraqi Authorities


Baghdad, Iraq – The head of the Arab and International Police (INTERPOL) in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Sadiq Faraj Abdul Rahman, has revealed why the leader of Daesh (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) was not included in the wanted list of the Iraqi government.

The Iraqi authorities, for the first time on Sunday, published the names of 60 people of the most wanted for affiliating to Daesh and Al Qaeda organization and the Baath party, and the list did not include the name of al-Baghdadi, who are out of sight.

“There are about 400 wanted for the Iraqi judiciary abroad on various charges, including charges of terrorism, corruption, criminal crimes, and others,” Major General Abdul Rahman told al-Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

“Some 60 of these names have been recovered so far, while red leaflets have been issued to others in accordance with the formulas being dealt with by INTERPOL, which has 192 members,” he added.

“Many of these names have been issued with previous bulletins; however, according to INTERPOL’s rules, if they are not arrested, the lists would be renewed every five years,” he said.

On the lack of reference to al-Baghdadi in the list, he said that “Baghdadi is already wanted, and his name has been mentioned in red leaf, so it does not need to be referred, and he is an international wanted, not only the Iraqi judiciary.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency