Int’l Coalition Denies Bombing Al-Nuri Mosque In Mosul

BAGHDAD - The US-led international coalition against Daesh denied implementing strikes in the area where the historic mosque is located in Mosul.

Daesh organization accused "US aircraft to destroy the Nuri mosque, which back to the middle ages and its famous minaret in the city in northern Iraq."

"We have not carried out strikes in that area," coalition spokesman Col. John Durian told reporters.

For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that Daesh organization admitted its defeat by bombing the Nuri mosque in the city of Mosul.

"The bombing of Nuri Mosque is an official announcement of their defeat," Abadi said on Twitter.

"During the advance of our heroes of the anti-terrorism and achieving overwhelming victory over the remnants of Daesh gangs as they advance towards their targets deep in the old city and when they reach a distance of 50 meters from the Nuri mosque, Daesh committed another historical crime by bombing Nuri Mosque and its historical Hadbaa minaret. "

The leader of Daesh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had declared his alleged state from this historic mosque in his first public appearance in 2014.

The Old City is the last stronghold of Daesh in Mosul, which the terrorist organization considered the capital of its state.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency