Int’l Coalition Denies Targeting The Tent’s Meeting In Tal Afar Airport Where Leaders Of PMF Gathering

BAGHDAD / The international coalition denied conducting any air strike on Tal Afar Airport at 24 November.

The official spokesman for the international coalition forces, Colonel John Dorian said in a statement to the US embassy in Baghdad: We are familiar with the allegations and media reports which are unfounded, which claim that the international coalition carried out an air strike on Tal Afar Airport on November 24, saying that "after conducting a comprehensive review, it was ascertained that the international coalition has not carried out such a strike. "

He added, "All the strikes carried out by the coalition are in full coordination with the Iraqi government."

It is said that the popular mobilization declared in 25 November that the bombing of Tal Afar Airport not by Daesh.

A statement of the leadership of the PMF said: "The tent, where the leaders of the popular mobilization were meeting in Tal Afar airport came under a missile strike at half past four in Thursday afternoon, after the departure of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which caused injuries to a number of the Mujahideen," As a result, a committee to investigate the attack, was formed and the Committee found by examining the remnants of the missile that the missile was not launch by Daesh terrorist groups and it is a laser prompt launched by an aircraft and landed at a distance of meter and a half from the tent of meeting), "where there were drones in sky belonging to the coalition forces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency