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Investment: Economy Minister Calls for Modernizing Financing Instuments

Morocco needs modern, dynamic financing instruments such as private equity, said Economy and Finance Minister Nadia Fettah in Casablanca on Wednesday.

Speaking at the opening of the 10th annual conference of the Association Marocaine des Investisseurs en Capital (AMIC), the Minister highlighted the maturity of Moroccan private equity investors and players, who are now in a position to support the development of the national economy.

Describing the momentum of the conference as “exceptional in more ways than one,” Fettah spoke of the resilience of the Moroccan economy in the face of the “extreme turbulence” that the world has experienced over the past three years, noting that many challenges still lie ahead for the country’s economic fabric, which remains solid.

Even against this backdrop, the country’s economy continues to offer investment opportunities, “as evidenced by the number of operations carried out by management companies over the past two years,” she said.

She added that investment has been made an absolute priority for our country, in line with the high directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, with the aim of mobilizing the private sector for cumulative investments of MAD 550 billion by 2026.

To achieve this, the government will continue to work within the framework of the new Investment Charter, which is an “extremely” proactive charter that provides strong incentives based on the expectations of investors and all stakeholders in the ecosystem, Fettah pointed out.

Beyond the financial incentives, this charter is the result of the mobilization of all ministries and investment stakeholders. “Our role is to give this confidence and visibility to investors,” she noted.

In addition to the Charter, there are sectoral strategies to support investment on issues at the heart of our economy’s competitiveness challenges, Fettah noted, citing decarbonization, energy transition and digital transformation as key factors in boosting the economy and creating investment opportunities.

“Free enterprise” is the spirit of the Investment Charter, as well as the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment, the launch of which is of strategic importance for the investment and private equity industry, with the aim of developing management companies and boosting strategic sectors of the national economy, Fettah assured.

Fettah also highlighted the inadequacy of Moroccan capital in raising funds and called on management companies to inform, explain and reassure investors of their independence and to disclose their track record in order to attract more Moroccan capital.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse