Iran Exported Goods 124 Million Dollars To Iraq Via Mahran In Two Months

Baghdad The Director of the Customs Department of the Iranian Ilam Province, Ruhollah Ghulami, announced that Iran exported goods worth 124 million dollars to Iraq during April and May of this year, through the borders of Mahran.

He said in a statement to “IRNA” that “this quantity of goods weighing more than 280 thousand tons was exported to Iraq through the international borders of Mahran.”

He added that “the most important exported goods included building materials, fruits and vegetables, plastic products, industrial products, glass, cups, household appliances and metal products.”

The Director General of Customs pointed out: “380 to 450 Iraqi trucks enter Mahran border crossing every day to transport goods to Iraq.”

Ghulami stressed that “the movement of trucks carrying export goods to the borders of Mahran is currently normal, as the goods are first cleared through customs and then loaded with Iraqi trucks, and the export is done without interruption or special problems.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency