Baghdad The Iranian Trade Development Organization announced the export of agricultural crops to Iraq, with a value of 11 billion dollars, during the past five years.

Director-General of the Organization for Arab and African Affairs of the Organization, Farzad Belten said: “Agricultural crops and foodstuffs accounted for 30% of the value of Iranian exports of goods exported to Iraq, during the period from 2016 to 2020.”

Belten explained, “the Iranian agricultural and food crops exported to Iraq included fruits, vegetables, manufacturing industries, sweets, chocolate, animal products, dairy, nuts, flowers, ornamental plants, and others.”

The Director General of Ilam Governorate Customs, Ruhollah Gholami, had announced, earlier, the export of goods and merchandise amounting to an amount of 124 million dollars to Iraq during the last two months, and that those goods were exported from the Mahran border crossing to Iraq, with a tonnage of 280,000 tons.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency