Iran Hands Over 4 Fishermen To Iraq After Being Arrested For Transgressing Territorial Waters

BASRA - Faw police station received four Iraqi fishermen with their boat in Al-Dweib district in Al-Faw district south of Basra after they were arrested by an Iranian patrol on 30 August, accusing them of exceeding the limits of territorial waters while they were fishing.

The head of the committee, Jabbar al-Asadi, told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the receive the four fishermen by the Iranian side took place yesterday at al-Faw police station," pointing out that "the arrest of them on charges of exceeding the limits of territorial waters while practicing fishing in the waters of Shatt al-Arabs.

Saadi called "Iraqi fishermen to commit to fishing in Iraqi territorial waters and not to exceed the limits for their safety and to avoid being arrested.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency