Iran: The Decision Has Not Been Taken Yet On Some Basic Issues In The Nuclear Negotiations In Vienna

Baghdad Iran announced that a decision has not been taken yet on some basic issues in the nuclear negotiations in Vienna.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s assistant for political affairs, Abbas Arachiji, said in a press statement regarding the nuclear negotiations in Vienna, “The decision has not been taken so far on some basic issues,” indicating that the ongoing negotiations to revive the nuclear agreement will continue after the deadline until May 21.

The Iranian official stressed the need to cancel all US embargo measures against Iran at once, adding that it is time for America to return to the nuclear agreement and cancel all the embargo measures. ”

He continued, “The Iranian delegation is leaving Vienna in the hope of resuming negotiations next week, and we hope that we will reach a conclusion from them.”

He said yesterday, Wednesday, that we have reached an agreement framework, and that the basic text of the agreement and the annexes are specified, but negotiations have not ended on the text, and some sensitive issues are still subject to disagreement.

He continued: In the end, we can say that good progress has been achieved, but we cannot say that the mission has been accomplished, and we hope to resume negotiations next week, provided that the participating delegations come to Vienna and have made their decisions to reach an agreement.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency