Iranian Commander: Iraqis Do Not Need Iranian Presence In Their Fight In Mosul

Tehran / The Commander in Chief of the Iranian Guards Brigade Jafarian said Iraqi forces and the popular mobilization forces enjoyed high capabilities and they are fighting alone in Mosul and they do not need Iranian forces.

He said in a statement to reporters: Of course the Muslim world needs support and as the extremist groups might not end soon, it is possible they will head towards Syria after Mosul.

He added that a lot of young people consider the Islamic resistance front as front to defend the Islamic Revolution Front, they are looking to presence in these fronts, and of course, this matter is not currently accessible.

In response to a question about the nuclear deal following the extension of the US embargo, he said Iran's Revolutionary Guard is a part of the regime, and will work with all to be decided by the commander of the Islamic Revolution, the government and the Islamic Shura Council .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency