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Iranian President: The most effective diplomacy of our government will be with neighboring countries

Baghdad Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi stressed that the government’s most effective diplomacy will be with neighboring countries.

Raisi said during the Iranian government meeting today, Wednesday: “The government’s most effective diplomacy should be with the neighbors, and all efforts must be made to raise the level of trade and economic cooperation with them, given the availability of suitable grounds for strengthening these relations and increasing Iran’s share of exchange at the regional level.”

Raisi considered that, what happened in it during the last two decades, at least, is a portrait of aggression and flagrant violation of human rights in the current era, adding that if we take into account only the number of women and children who have been killed, injured or disabled during these years in Afghanistan, we will see the depth of the catastrophe that has gone through silently.”

The Iranian president continued: “The experience of the American presence in various countries and regions of the world proves that this presence did not create security at all, but was always disruptive to security and stability, adding that the Americans with this past and performance, and instead of taking responsibility in the court of world public opinion, initiate various pretexts to stir up the atmosphere is against other countries.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency