Iraq Agrees To Open A Saudi Consulate In Basra


The Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Abdul Aziz al-Shimmari revealed Iraqi government’s approval to open a consulate of his country in the province of Basra to be the second consulate after the Saudi consulate in Erbil.

Al-Shimmari was quoted as saying by Al-Riyadh newspaper “The approval came from the Iraqi government and will be activated within a very short time,”

He pointed out that “what is concerning Saudi Arabia is the development of relations between the two countries in all fields that serve the aspirations of the two countries, stressing that what links Saudi Arabia to Iraq is not only a neighborhood and common interests, but ties of brotherhood, blood, history and one destiny.”

Iraq’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Rushdie al-Ani said earlier that he had received a Saudi request to open a consulate in Najaf after Basra

Source: National Iraqi News Agency