Iraq, Kuwait Signed The Minutes Of Supplying Gas To Kuwait And Invest Common Fields

BAGHDAD / Iraq signed with Kuwait the minutes of a meeting for processing gas and Investment common fields.

A statement by the Ministry of Oil announced today that "the Iraqi delegation which is currently visiting Kuwait, headed by Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein held a meeting with his Kuwaiti counterpart, and signed the minutes to activate the previous agreement, which concerns the investment of joint border fields between the two countries and forming a committee put the mechanisms for selecting the consulting firm of the third party and the mechanics of the contracts in this regard.

The statement added "It has been formed another committee to discuss the mechanics of supplying Kuwait with surplus gas on the need for Iraq and expressing Iraq's readiness to provide Kuwait with quantities start at 50 million per day down to 200 million.

The minister praised, according to the statement, the depth of relations between Iraq and Kuwait and the pursuit of both parties to developing them to serve the common interests .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency