Iraq participates in the “Eager Lion” military exercises in Jordan

The Jordanian Army announced on Sunday the launch of the multinational military exercise “Eager Lion” with the participation of land, sea and air forces from 33 Arab and foreign countries, including operations to combat terrorism, drone threats, and weapons of mass destruction.

Director of Military Media in the Jordanian Army, Colonel Mustafa Al-Hayari, said in a press conference, ‘The exercise that began today will continue for 12 days until the 23rd of this month with the participation of land, sea and air forces from 33 allied countries, including 10 Arab countries and 22 foreign countries in addition to Jordan, and aims to confront the emerging and cross-border threats of the era.’

He added, “The training aims to confront the threats of terrorist organizations and the armed groups and entities that support them, the proliferation of drones, biological, chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and missiles with different ranges, as well as responding to human disasters and searching for explosiv

He explained, “The goal of these exercises, which will be held across all of the Kingdom’s regions in the north, center, and south, is to raise the readiness of the participating forces and create a common understanding among them.”

Participants in these maneuvers include the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Kenya and Kosovo.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency