Iraq participates in the meeting of the National Committees of UNESCO in Paris

Baghdad / Iraq participated in the meeting of the National Committees for UNESCO, which was held at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

"The Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, Hassan Fadel Maalah, who represented Iraq at the meeting, praised the role of UNESCO in organizing this meeting, as well as the close cooperation between the Iraqi National Committee and UNESCO in supporting Iraq, "pointing out that" Iraq will soon register clubs for UNESCO, stressing Iraq's support for the principles of UNESCO and its objectives. "

"The meeting discussed the experiences of the members with the UNESCO clubs of their countries and explained the problems faceing the national committees with some clubs that violated the goals for which they were established."

"The Secretariat of UNESCO has submitted draft recommendations on amending the conditions of acceptance of UNESCO Clubs and strengthening the role of national committees in monitoring these clubs, in order not to exceed the objectives established for them in line with UNESCO's political principles and sensitization of members in this regard."

The meeting was attended by representatives of national committees of Japan, Mexico, Jamaica, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Portugal, France, China, Korea, Lebanon, Britain, Serbia and Zambia.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency